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140 DEN  Emana® Leggings against cellulite with for perfect legs in limited edition, dedicated to Pink is Good.

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140 DEN  Emana® Leggings against cellulite with for perfect legs in limited edition.

Second skin leggings, maximum comfort and wellbeing for the legs thanks to Emana® yarn technological effectiveness. Wearable as under or outwear . Not shaping.

The black 140 den Emana® leggings are characterized by the addition of black opaque mini jewel studs applied all over the legs. The texture is opaque, they are soft to the touch and are perfect with tight-fitting clothes or under pants.

Emana® is a microfiber built with bioactive crystals that absorb the heat from the human body to return it in the form of Far Infrared Rays (also known as F.I.R.E.). These rays penetrate the skin and interact with the body stimulating microcirculation and thermoregulation of the skin. The result is a unique formula that improves skin elasticity, reduces skin flaw caused by cellulite, appearance of smoother and younger skin granting comfort and well-being without any side effects to biological tissues. The interaction of My Shapes Emana® products and the skin is entirely physical and doesn’t provide chemical interaction at all.

Aesthetic benefits of My Shapes Emana®
1. Increase of collagen synthesis
2. Appearance of younger and smoother skin
3. Reduction of cellulite appearance and “orange peel” skin
4. Extreme comfort & well being
5. Bacteriostatic effect

To obtain the maximum cosmetic effect of My Shapes Emana®, it is recommended to use the garment for at least 6 hours daily during 4 consecutive weeks.

Emana® properties are permanent and not lost in washing.

We recommend to wash the garments at 30° by hand or in the washing machine with a delicate program. Don’t use chlorine bleach or fabric softner because they ruined the elastic fiber of the product. Don’t tumble dry.


Contraindications: The use of My Shapes Emana® is contraindicated in pregnant women as well as in areas where the skin is not intact since. Solvay has not made clinical studies in these cases.

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