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Bacteriostatic and water-repellent filter mask washable and reusable in Emana® fabric

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Bacteriostatic and water-repellent filter mask

washable and reusable in Emana® fabric


Product in derogation pursuant to art. 16, paragraph 2, of the Legislative Decree 18/2020, under the responsibility of the writer to guarantee product safety


It does NOT have the technical requirements of medical devices and personal protective equipment PPE.

Who wear the mask must however comply with the precautionary rules on social distancing to deal with the Covid-19 emergency.


The mask is an article cut and sewn in our partner laboratory here in Modena with the aim of:


  • create a IN & OUT barrier to saliva (anti-droplet effect ) thanks to a Fluoro-free water-repellent treatment.
  • being able to talk while wearing it
  • be a “hygienic” product capable of inhibiting and limiting bacterial replication thanks to the bacteriostatic certified Emana ® yarn.


  • increased skin microcirculation
  • biostimulation and better thermoregulation of the skin
  • increase of collagen synthesis
  • appearance of a younger, smoother and radiant skin.

The mask is not sterile and must be washed and sanitized before wearing (40 ° by hand and washing machine) The same procedure is also valid for reuse.

The components and treatments used are certified not to be harmful and not to cause risks or harm to health.

Oeko-tex certification Standard 10



Emana® yarn (by Fulgar -Italy) which contains minerals with F.I.R. (far infrared ray) from the proven bacteriostatic characteristics tested capable of inhibiting or limiting bacterial replication.

Effectiveness and cosmetic effects with unlimited duration.


WATER-REPELLENT Setapret PFF (Fluoro-free)

Fluorine-resistant water repellent technology

Setapret PFF is an innovative, non-toxic and ecological product with high performance and ease of use, thanks to the chemical structure free of fluorocarbons

Without PFC (perfluorocarbon groups)

Without PFOA and PFOS

Not bioaccumulative

Not persistent

Good water repellency compared to PFC types

Long washing duration

It has no negative effects on the breathability of the fabric

Water repellent efficacy 30/40 washes


Particularly indicated in contact with the skin as it absorbs moisture and allows it perspiration

The thermoregulatory properties allow to keep the body temperature stable in different environments

The Oekotex certification is the most authoritative and internationally recognized, it guarantees the harmlessness of technology, of the raw materials used and of the substances used in the production processes. Specifically, this item can also be worn by an infant/children .



The product is completely Made in Italy

Composition:  92%Polyammide(EMANA ®), 8% Elastan


Washing istruction:


It is recommended to wash the garment at 40° by hand or in the washing machine with a delicate program. DO NOT  use chlorine bleach or fabric softener.

DO NOT  wring and do not iron, DO NOT tumble dry.

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