MyShapes is an Italian brand that produces shapewear designed for the well-being of the body and the beauty of the skin using the best smart-tech and eco-friendly yarns available on the market.

Myshapes is the first official brand to use in Europe a patented and certified technology: Emana ®. An extraordinary innovation never seen or used before in the textile world.


Emana ® is a registered trademark of Solvay, a symbol of beauty, wellness, comfort and performance. It’s the result of about ten years of development in Solvay research centers and is the only yarn that contains permanent and proven technology to be used in body care and tested on sports men/women with extreme benefits.

What is it Emana®  and how it works?
Emana ® is a yarn built with bioactive mineral crystals that absorb the heat from the human body to return it in the form of Far Infrared Rays Emitted (also known as F.I.R.E.). These rays penetrate the skin and interact with the body stimulating blood microcirculation and thermoregulation of the skin providing important benefits. The result is a unique formula that improves skin elasticity, reduces skin flaw caused by cellulite, appearance of smoother and younger skin granting comfort and well-being without any side effects to biological tissues. The interaction of Myshapes Emana® products and the skin is entirely physical and doesn’t provide chemical interaction at all.

What are “far infrared rays emitted” (F.I.R.E)?
FIRE are electromagnetic waves invisible to the naked eye, they are essential for our well-being and health, in fact the development and reproduction of all forms of life on Earth depends on FIRE. The FIRE stimulate the water molecules which represent 70% of the human body’s make-up that’s why, they are used in Health and Wellness therapies. Myshapes Emana ® prefer  just highlight the main benefits for body care and beauty and sports performance.


MyShapes Emana® benefits :                                                                                                                All of MyShapes Emana® garments are made by following the directions of Solvay, that, after checks and tests on all the finished products, MyShapes is proud to be given a certification to guarantee the authenticity of each garment and of the therapeutic and healing benefits. Myshapes Emana ® garments interact with the body stimulating blood microcirculation and thermoregulation of the skin providing important benefits

Aesthetic benefits:
– Increase of collagen synthesis
– Appearance of younger and smoother skin
– Reduction of cellulite appearance and “orange peel” skin
– extreme comfort and well-being

Emana®efficacyhasbeenassessedthroughinternationalrecognizedprotocols with medical surveillance and the support of an independent laboratory. Emana® is Oeko-tex standard 100 – Class 1 certified, label guaranteeing that the product is harmless to human health, thanks to this it can be use in all clothing in contact with the skin, including children.

Instructions for use                                  

To obtain the maximum cosmetic effect of Myshapes Emana®, it Is recommended to use the garment for at least 6 hours daily during 4 consecutive weeks. Myshapes Emana® garments can be used daily by every women, without age restriction and in every occasion ( at home, at work, working out or even sleeping)


Product’s maintenance and FIRE duration
Myshapes Emana® products are easy to wash, they dry fast and they don’t need to iron. A fiber with low environment impact, in fact during manufactoring Emana ® there are no residual loss.  Emana ® properties are permanent and not lost in washing. The bioactive mineral crystals are embedded in the yarn, allowing the effectiveness of the fiber to be maintained and unchanged over time despite frequent washing.
We recommend to wash the garments at 30° by hand or in the washing machine with a delicate program. Don’t use chlorine bleach or fabrics oftner because they ruined the elastic fiber of the product. Don’t tumble dry.


The use of Myshapes Emana(r) is contraindicated in pregnant women as well as in areas where the skin is not intact since Solvay has not made clinical studies in these cases.

Origin and provenance
Emana ® yarn is manufactured in Italy by the leading european company Fulgar Spa, processed and packed in Italy by laboratories and partners MyShapes.

Q-NOVA® is an environmentally-sustainable nylon 6.6 fibre obtained exclusively from regenerated raw materials and which meets given traceability requirements. A highly ecological product which aims to reduce CO2 emissions, consume less water and use renewable energy.

The process is a mechanical regeneration system which does not involve using chemical materials which would detract from the sustainability of the end product.

The discarded materials are recast using a mechanical regeneration process after which they return in the form of a polymer which is then integrated into further processing stages


Q-NOVA® enables us to manufacture more lightweight fabrics with the same qualities as fabrics made from Cotton or Polyester.


Q-NOVA® boasts excellent moisture control meaning that the skin stays fresh and dry *UNI EN ISO 62.


Q-NOVA® has been designed to give the best possible dyeing quality. Fabrics and items of clothing made from Q-NOVA® are as robust as those made from virgin polyamide


  • 99% of Q-NOVA® fibre comes from recycled materials.
  • Q-NOVA® is certified and traced by the Global Recycle Standard system, the European ECOLABEL EU system and by the OEKO-TEX STD 100 CLASS I system. All these certifications vouch for the integrity of the fibre.
  • The benefits deriving from lower emissions and reduced water consumption were measured according to the European method LCA – ISO 14040 and ISO 14044. Q-NOVA® slashes CO2 eq. emissions by 80% and cuts down on litres of water per kg of product by 90% as compared to a textured polyamide yarn coming from a virgin polymer.

NYCELL is an extremely innovative fibre which was created from a combination of a Fulgar polyamide, or more precisely a Nanofibre, and Asahi Kasei’s Cupro fibre. The high performance of the Nanofibre and the beauty of Cupro, which draws its origins from cotton, gives us this unique yarn which enables us to improve and maximise on a variety of qualities including softness, lightweight and moisture wicking.


Garments made with this modern technique, which blends different kinds of fibres like Cupro® together, are incredibly comfortable and feel extremely soft against the body.


Fulgar’s innovative Nanofibre makes the fabrics lightweight and gives a silky look which is a definite advantage for increasingly avant-garde garments.


NYCELL endows garments with extraordinary moisture wicking properties, meaning that the wearer benefits from high comfort levels and a sensation of wellbeing

F.I.R.  is a smart polyamide yarn containing minerals stored embedded in the DNA of the fibre that generate Far Infrared Rays, this ensure comfort and wellbeing to the skin.


F.I.R is also OEKO-TEX® CLASSE I certified and safe for human health.