From today the Yoga Emana® leggings with rhinestones, pearls and studs are on offer!

From today the Yoga Emana® Leggings with Strass and the other one with Pearls and Studs are at discount at the same price as the classic Emana® Yoga Leggings, and with the same benefits!
The application of a cascade of rhinestones, pearls and studs on the outside legs illuminate the legs in a discreet and elegant way.
This type of leggings is super comfortable, shapes the body ensuring full freedom of sporty expression, with a touch of glamor.

1. Increase of collagen synthesis
2. Increased skin elasticity for a younger and smoother skin.
3. Reduce the appearance of fine lines and signs of cellulite
4. Extreme comfort & well being
5. 5.Bacteriostatic effect