The new bio and eco-friendly scents!

Diamond, Emerald, Ruby … to perfume your home and your wardrobe in a unique way! Here are the new bio and natural fragrances by MyScent!

RUBINO is the new MYSCENT fragrance for fabrics and environments produced with natural essential oils from organic crops. It is called “Profumo gourmand” and in fact evokes sweet moments like memories related to childhood or first love; a warm and enveloping vibration that helps fight tension and reconcile psycho-physical well-being.
It contains natural essential oils of Lambrusco di Sorbara, Cherries of Vignola and Lampones of the Emilian Apennines.

We have created with natural essential oils of White Rose, Narcissus, Oud, White Musk the new fragrance DIAMANTE … it is an explosion of pungent freshness of Jasmine and fresh aroma of Linen that recalls the “good smell” of the cleanliness of Grandma’s laundry. Absolutely to spray on sheets or towels to welcome our guests with a hug or even just for a cozy cuddle in our bedroom.

Don’t you feel a delicious citrus scent too?

It’s emerald: citrus scent, a real charge of vitality, energy and freshness. The typical notes of citrus fruits of our Mediterranean furnish the environment where to meet guests, welcome customers or chat with friends.

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